January 14, 2014

starting over also means saying goodbye

starting over also means saying goodbye. many of you have known me as a blogger since 2009. last year, i realized i had 700+ blog posts and decided to take all of them down for a fresh start. unfortunately, my love for writing has not led me to the direction i was hoping for. today, i write my first and last post of 2014 and beyond. perhaps, we shall meet again.  i am grateful for all of you and those who have become real-life friends.  it has been one hell of an amazing ride. 

you can still catch up with me on the instagram version @wanderlustblog


  1. That's sad :( But good luck, Ren! I wish you all the best! :)

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    2. thanks krissy! you can follow my instablog on instagram @wanderlustblog.

  2. This breaks my heart completely, but I know your intentions are well. So we're able to connect through many different platforms. You've been a great friend/mentor.


"there are no strangers: only friends we have not yet met." thanks for stopping by.