August 15, 2014

reason behind the name

every thing has a reason, right? okay, maybe not every thing.  many of you have been following me through the years, through the evolution of this blog especially through the name changes.  the red couch to me symbolizes a few things:  red is my favorite color, my couch is red, on most times that i write or blog (the past few years) i have always been sitting on the couch (even though it wasn't red at some point) but most of all - the red couch to me means a stopping point, a breaking point, a time to breathe - a time to just be, and enjoy the moment.  the blogging community has always been good to me - so as always, i invite you to come sit with me.

August 10, 2014

starting over...

well, it's been a long time and guess what? it is time to get back on what i have always loved, writing.  of course, that also means blogging but the passion has been writing.  long story short, whatever life hands you, whether it's a struggle, a new beginning, good things - always make time for the things you love to do.